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 My Story


My story starts like all good stories - with friendship. For several years I have followed my best friend, Susan, patiently from department store to department store and every specialty swimsuit store on the east coast in search of the perfect swimsuit. Every year Susan was convinced that this time it would be different. Now to Susan's credit - she believed in the swimsuit industry and department stores so strongly - that each year she truly believed that this would be the year they would finally get it right. This time they would create a sophisticated swimsuit for an adult woman's body.

At this point I decided there has got to be a better way. Susan was willing to pay several hundred dollars for a swimsuit that would fit her well and make her feel good about her body.

Now Susan is not just my best friend because she has an undying devotion to department stores. She is my best friend because while she was in search of the perfect swimsuit, it turns out I had breast cancer and did not even know it. I was only thirty-seven. Susan held my hand thru surgery, sat by my side making jokes and bringing diet cokes to chemo, and drove me to buy my first wig, and then took me shoe shopping. And yes, even after all I went thru, she would drag me to go swimsuit shopping.

A crazy thing happened while I was going thru chemo, I broke my leg! Looking back now, breaking my leg at that particular time may have been a gift. Not the kind of gift that sparkles, and fits beautifully on your finger, but a gift nonetheless. The first four weeks with the cast, I was bedridden, so I wrote a book. By the time I could get around on crutches, it was midsummer and I was forced to put on summer clothing and take my boys to the town pool. I would slowly lower myself into a lounge chair, and not get up until it was time to leave. Lucky for me my sons could swim, and Susan was there to get me the occasional ice tea and french fries. Yes, I eat fries. I would sit in my lounge chair and watch the mothers in their swimwear. Some wore your basic plain, boring suit - unflattering and unsophisticated. Some women opted just to wear shorts and a t-shirt.

It was at that moment that I decided if I could survive cancer, that I would do something great, something beautiful. I said, "Why not?  I was determined to find and design flattering, glamorous, comfortable swimsuits for all women.

My goal is to make the phrase, "Swimsuit Season", fun. So for my best friend Susan and women everywhere, I introduce:

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